Innovative Info Systems LLC (IIS) is a small consulting firm with experience and expertise in workflow and process consulting, software development, systems integrations, business planning, and I.T. project management.
Established in 2005, IIS consultants have managed projects and delivered solutions to a variety of industries including banking, structural engineering, printing, resorts & entertainment, sponsorship sales, incentives/rewards programs, and manufacturing.
Located in Denver, Colorado, IIS helps companies leverage technology to refine and document business processes, share data, and manage workflows.
Technology is a tool that can help strengthen a company's foundation as it looks to compete and grow. IIS helps clients maximize the returns on their I.T. investments and assists them in implementing sustainable solutions that meet critical business needs. You can read more about the specific services offered by IIS by visting the services section of this website or by clicking here.
While developing customized software applications is not the only service offered by IIS, it is one of the areas from which IIS derives its competitive advantage. By using proprietary methodologies and internally developed toolsets, IIS can deliver systems that more effectively meet client needs and maximize the ROI on software investments. The approach IIS takes toward developing/implementing systems and integrations frees up resources that are normally needed to perform software development tasks and allocates those resources to business analysis efforts, resulting in solutions that better meet customer needs.
The image below depicts the difference between the methodolgies and tools developed by IIS and the traditional development methodologies used by most firms: